The User Agreement on the processing of personal data of the users of the electronic informational online resources (sites) of the Limited Liability Company
Real housekeepers (hereinafter referred to as the Real housekeepers»), URL:
[ ],
[ ].

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) has been developed in the framework of the Policy of Real Housekeepers LLC on processing personal data of the users of the electronic informational online resource URL: [ ],
[ ].
(hereinafter referred to as the Site).
1. The Site Administration has no intention to collect through the site information related to personal data by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, unless the personal data is provided by the user voluntarily. When the user provides his/her personal data voluntarily, including through use of the sites, the user automatically agrees to process his/her personal data, including their transborder transfers in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
2. When registering on the Site the user confirms that personal data is provided voluntary and actions are taken under his/her interests, and automatically gives the concrete, informed and conscious consent to the Site Administration to process his/her personal data, including their transborder transfers in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the consent to the terms of this User Agreement.
3. The Real housekeepers agrees to ensure the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the user, including passport data of a citizen of the Russian Federation or other legislation, Tax Identity Number for the purpose of correct customs clearance of the deliveries. The Real housekeepers has the right to transfer them to affiliates with the Real housekeepers or having concluded agreements with it, the terms of which provide for the protection of personal data, including but not limited to foreign counterparties such as Real Housekeepers LLC only in case of purchasing goods from the web page «Store» URL: [].
4. In case you do not want your personal data to be processed, please do not provide them on our site, including by registering at the Site.
5. The technical means of the sites automatically recognize the network (IP) addresses of the users. Information provided by the user; email addresses of the persons using the interactive sites’ services and (or) sending electronic messages to the addresses given on the sites; automatically collected information about web pages users have accessed; other information (including personal data) provided by the users is stored using the technical means of the sites. Such information about site users, collected and stored in the technical means of the sites, is used solely for the purpose of: development of techniques and methods for presenting information on the sites, improving the service to users (visitors), identifying the most visited web pages (interactive services) of the sites, as well as statistics on the sites visits.
6. Sending electronic messages to email addresses of the Site users is allowed solely if it is explicitly granted by the rules of using the corresponding interactive service and the prior permission of the Site User to receive electronic messages, given in the form of awareness of this Agreement, is obtained.
7. The online resource uses cookies to remember user content preferences on the sites. When using the online resource, the user automatically confirms his/her consent to the use of the cookies. In case of disagreement, the user is obliged to set appropriately his/her browser settings or not to use the online resource.
8. In order to identify needs of the users and improving the quality of products and services, the Real Housekeepers can process users’ personal data by any means, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, extraction, use, transfer to third parties (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, transborder transfer.
9. The Real housekeepers (or other parties, on our behalf, as part of ongoing advertising campaigns) may use the personal data of the Site users in order to contact him/her; and/or provide information about Site users within the framework of treaty relations with third parties.
10. The Sites may contain links to sites of other companies and other services of third parties that have their own local acts on the processing of personal data. The Real housekeepers does not bear the responsibility for the protection of privacy or content of any sites.
11. The Real housekeepers does not verify the accuracy of personal information provided by users and does not monitor their legal capacity. Nonetheless, it proceeds from the fact that the user consciously provides reliable and sufficient personal information by answering questions proposed in the form of texts for publication on the site and filling in the registration fields on sites owned by the Real housekeepers and maintains this information up to date. The opinion of the author not always coincides with the opinion of editorial staff and founders of the Real housekeepers.
12. The Real housekeepers does not bear the responsibility and does not provide guarantees for the publication of facts, data and results and other information. All information published on sites owned by the Real housekeepers is based solely on their own knowledge and experience and is not sufficient to diagnose. Do not apply to yourself and do not try to find similarities with anyone.
13. Products posted on the Real housekeepers’ sites and sold by Real Housekeepers LLC are not a medicine. There are contraindications, therefore, in order to avoid harm to your health, carefully read the composition and instruction manual, and also consult with a specialist.
14. All suggestions or questions about this Agreement should be reported to the Site Administration URL: [], [] to the email address: info@

14. This Agreement also refers to the users of mobile versions of Sites and branded applications for mobile devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, etc.) that can be preinstalled on devices during production process, downloaded by the user through various platforms for software distribution, or be Web applications that are processed on the client side (JavaScript) or server.

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